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Remote learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning area


This page is designed to support parents of pupils who have to self-isolate because of COVID 19. As a school, we want to provide as much support as we can whilst the children are isolating. We will ensure that the children will receive up to date age related learning, which is relevant to subjects within the National Curriculum. 


When providing remote learning, teachers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all children have been given the link to join the zoom meeting at the correct time.  This should be shared via Class Dojo.
  • TA staff to be given access to the link to live lessons to help and support during the session. 
  • Jointly planning lessons for the period of closure with others in their year group
  • Keeping a register of the children that attend the zoom lessons
  • Providing a live lesson for English and a live lesson for maths daily that meets the needs of the children (see Appendix for table outlining times and what the lessons are based on.) 
  • Providing additional work linked to the curriculum topic if possible to be  completed independently by the children
  •  Creating online resources to support lessons throughout the week where applicable 
  • Ensure children have access to online learning sites such as ReadTheory and timestable rockstars. 
  • Report back to SLT and/or to Lisa Winkle (HSLW) any issues that arise.
  • After 4 days of learning to have a catch up day where staff contact the children individually to go through any issues they may be having with the work and to check the welfare of the children.
  • All communication with Parents during this time will be through Class Dojo. 


In the event of individual pupil self-isolation the class teacher will ensure:

  • Weekly home learning to be set via Class Dojo or workbooks/packs sent home for all individual pupils who find themselves in isolation. 
  • HSLW to liaise with class teacher as soon as possible once a child has been identified as self-isolating.  Work is allocated as soon as possible once a child has been identified as self-isolating.   
  • Work set will be based, where applicable, to the curriculum delivered in school.  
  • Work is tailored to each pupil and those with SEN have individual work provided.   
  • Lessons for these pupils may come from Oak Academy and other online sources.  
  • HSLW to regular check in on those children who are self isolating.


St Mary’s Outline for Remote Learning for whole Yr Group Bubble Closure: 

  • Staff and children isolate for 14 days from last contact with infected person. 
  • Staff work from home – 2x Zoom meetings per day. 
  •  1x English session Monday – Thursday – meeting details shared on Class Dojo. 
  • 1x Maths session Monday – Thursday – meeting details shared on Class Dojo. 
  • Friday used for 1:1 phone calls/ zooms to parents to discuss work done during the week and any problems encountered.
  • Timings listed below only apply if Whole school closure was needed. Otherwise, teachers to arrange times themselves and list on Class Dojo. 
  • 1session in the morning and 1 session in the afternoon allowing time inbetween to complete work set. 
  • Direct Parents to the National Oak Academy for art, music, RE etc. these videos and lessons can be accessed at any time during the day as they are pre recorded. 

Resources to deliver remote learning include:

  • Online tools for EYFS KS1 KS2 (National Oak Academy, Online meeting facilities, telephone calls, Literacy Shed), as well as for staff CPD and parent’s sessions.
  • Use of Recorded video (or Live Video if used) for Start Day registration - FS, instructional videos, story times and Oak National Videos.
  • Phone calls home.
  • CGP Books for maths.
  • Use of BBC Bitesize, Oak Academy, Read Theory, SATS Companion, Timestable Rockstars.


Digital devices 
Zoom can be accessed through a computer/laptop, iphone/android and ipad. If your child does not have a digital device such these please contact the school office.


The senior lead in charge of our Remote Learning is Mrs Mutarah. 


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Remote learning 5th Jan 2021

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