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Times tables

Times tables



The intent of Times Tables at our Christian school is to provide all with the opportunity to recite, rehearse and learn times tables up to 12X12 and beyond. Times Tables is at the core of a child’s mathematical journey. It not only makes this journey easier but makes the journey even more exciting.



In order for our children to rapidly recall their times tables by the end of year 4, we implement the following:

  • Children have a times tables lesson every day. In these lessons, children are explicitly taught times tables, play times tables games, use the IPads to play times tables Rockstars and hit the button, chant times tables and have times tables tests.
  • Children are tested weekly on their times tables. The children work through a series of tests which increase in difficulty weekly. They receive a special times tables sticker when they move to a trickier level.
  • Every child is signed up to times tables Rockstars, which is used at home and at school.
  • Every half term, children work to be either the ‘speediest’ or ‘most improved’ at times tables in their class. Their name goes up on the ‘Hall of Fame’ and they win either a flashing badge, key ring or bouncy ball.
  • We have competitions throughout the year for each year group, where children go up against children from other schools. Children can win medals, Rockstar pencils, highlighters and more. Children in Year 4 also get the opportunity to go their local High School to compete in competitions against other schools in the local area.
  • We also have in school competitions, which include children competing against children from their class and other year groups.
  • To support our Year 4 children in meeting the requirements for the Multiplication Times tables check, we have times tables boosters in Year 3 and 4. These enable children to practise tests under timed conditions, use different methods to learn their times tables as well as having extra time with their teacher where they are explicitly taught the skills.


By the end of Year 4, we hope that all children are able to rapidly recall all of their times tables up to 12X12 and are therefore ready for the Multiplication Times tables Check.