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Chatter Tuesdays

Chatter Tuesday

As a school we see communication and vocabulary a great importance in a child's learning. Which is why every Tuesday each year group will be posting a new question for the children to have the conversation at home and tell their answers to their teachers. We will also have a whole school question that will be posted on a chalk board and will be put on the KS2 yard every Tuesday.


Whole school question: What are you most looking forward to doing over half-term?


Year group questions:

Nursery: What does hot mean?

Reception: What does present mean?

Year 1: What does climate mean?

Year 2: What are similarities?

Year 3: What is your favourite sport? Why?

Year4: What is terrain?

Year 5: What are extinct, dormant and active volcanoes?

Year 6: What are lines of latitude and longitude?



St Mary's Team