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Year 1

Outdoor learning Year 1

In KS1 we are extremely lucky to have a wonderful outdoor environment. We make full use of this to play, to relax and to develop our learning.

Every Friday we take part in Physical Friday – working on developing our core strength and agility. This includes games, exercises, stretches and strength building activities. It has become a very important part of our curriculum and helps us stay healthy and progress with our physical development.

So far this term we have used the whole of the school grounds to extend our Maths and our Curriculum learning.

In Maths we have sorted and classified sets of objects using natural things from the playground such as leaves and stones. We are now developing our measuring skills by using non- standard measures We specifically looked at length and height and had great fun using our bodies and cubes outside, then comparing and reasoning our results.

Our Curriculum learning began with the exploring the theme of LOVE. We learnt about the street artist Banksy and how graffiti is an art form generally found outdoors. We explored our outside environment to see where Banksy may have painted some of his stencils around our school. We discussed how the graffiti surface needs to be flat and smooth to take the paint.

Next we moved onto Animals Including Humans and took a visit to the farm, looking at animals that are around us. We learned all about the different animal groups and used the mammals on the farm to develop our learning.

Our current topic is Geography so the outside environment is perfect to help us achieve our learning objectives. We have looked at maps, aerial photographs and followed different routes around the school. We will be using compass points outside. We even found some pirate treasure on the school football pitch.

Year 1 outdoor day 12/10/21

Autumn 1